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Pisces, Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac.

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Several myths mention the origin of this sign: in Mesopotamia it was known as Kun tails and the leash that tied the two fish goddesses together. The astronomer Eratosthenes ascribed this constellation to Derceto the Syrian goddess, who was half woman and half fish.

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The Pisces possess strong spiritual aspiration and a profound interior conviction. It is a very easily mutable sign. Its capability is not at a collective level and that makes the sign, the most abstract one out of the entire zodiac. The Pisces personality is one of the most complex and difficult ones to define. It's in their nature to be extremely sensitive, receptive and emotional.

They have a peaceful personality; they are imaginative, sensitive, patient, kind, intuitive, compassionate for others and are always willing to help. It does not assume reality but are idealists and their will is weak.


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They let others lead them. They do not like to be criticized or to listen to people that think they are too good. In the place of employment they are not very good managers but they are excellent secretaries or administrative workers. They can also be excellent lawyers, architects, travel agents, artists, painters and investigators.

In matters of love , Pisces fall in love and give their heart in a pure and sincere way; they also place their heart in the hands of their partner. Pisces tend to give more than what they receive and they are loyal persons that look for a union of mind and spirit with their significant other and more than anything a sexual union. They like their home and family. They do not care if they are dominated or if they let their partner control the relationship and that is show they become people that are easy to manipulate.

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Tomorrow's Horoscope. Love is the strongest power that exists, so if you open yourself up to this wonderful power, miracles can happen. The angel of love not only helps you to open your heart, but he also guides you to true happiness and fulfillment in life.

He helps you to overcome every fear, failure and disappointment. An open heart connects you with God and allows you to completely change your life for the better.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope October 7, 12222

Single people have the chance to overcome their powerlessness and break free from fear and shyness, because your guardian angel will give you support and encouragement to help you take action. The presence of the angel of happiness means that all financial difficulties will improve, and fortune will show you the way out of any problem. The presence of this angel also means that there may soon be a chance for success in business, the possibility of quickly paying off a loan, or even the opportunity to obtain a very quick influx of money.

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