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According to Vedic astrology sun represents father, authority, govt, self-confidence and soul of the person. Sun is a hot planet. Moon represents mother, emotions, creativity, imagination, moods and mind. Moon is a watery planet. Sun and moon conjunction In birth chart means person born on " no moon" or " amavasya". I don't want to go in to the matter whether it is good day or bad.

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As in some states it is auspicious and for few states it's not. When fire and water placed together, naturally it creates steam.

So when these two planets conjoined in one sign it produces sum steam with in the person that makes him strong determined. These ppl know what they want in their life. They don't have any fight with their personality. As the sole and body at one place.

In any conjunction degrees are very much important. The planet at lower degrees holds the authority over the other planet. Like sun at 5 degrees and moon at 15 degrees, sun will have more authority in this conjunction.

When moon is weak in strength and sun is strong, person suffers with the relation of parents mostly with mother. Usually these people are emotional in nature.

Jupiter will be the funtion that will give the person the message of outer success: "Yes, you are welcome here", Saturn will do the opposite, and give us the message: "No, not good enough, start again or come back at a later time! The ambition of being worthy of something, in order for our needs to be met eventually, in order for us to stop feeling so hungry on the inside. Now, why should such a planet exist at all in the universe? Why would people go hungry? Either literally, or emotionally?

The Process of Qualifying Yogas

Why do we have to feel so alone so very often and not have these very basic needs met? Imagine someone about to leave this planet , this physical existence, to move forth to the astral realms and beyond, to another existence, to a new reincarnation. At the moment of departure from this life this person will finalize a particular existence, and imagine the chart of this person to have been a chart with Uranus conjunct Neptune in the 4th house. It might have been a wandering existence, an existence where the person tried to break free of all kinds of limitations and bondings, flee home, and maybe this person is leaving this planet at a particular moment in time where Saturn transits this conjunction.

Images of the past will come back, and maybe, when the state of consciousness slowly moves more and more to the level of the Soul, this person might all of a sudden realize how he or she forgot about his or her family, not taking care. Rightly or wrongly, the soul within might 'think' : "I have no more time now to make this right, I am leaving this planet, but really, I ought to have done this or that, and should not have done this or the other.

Reincarnation occurs because of both unfulfilled wishes as well as unfulfilled tasks, tasks that may be imaginary or real, but tasks that we think we should have done better. We have disapproved of something in our lives and want to make up for it. Because the soul knows it cannot go on, it cannot be free, until it has satisfied its own conscience.

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These are the kind of motions we go through when moving through 'dark nights of the Soul' - this judgment of ourselves and all the consequent energies released at such times do not only occur during the passage of one life to another, they also occur during the passage of one stage of life to the next, in fact, everywhere where one could speak of rebirth. At any rate, in the next life of this imaginary example, this person might be born with Moon conjunct Saturn in the 4th house, rather than with Neptune conjunct Uranus. What will happen, is that such a person will find disapproval of anything to do with nurturing on this planet all around not even realizing that the inner judgment from the finals of the past life has now, in this new life, taken form in the outer environment.

In fact, Saturn deals with 'disapproval from external authorities' in any given life, in any birthchart, and from this 'ambition' is born. The ambition to ultimately find approval for this sense of inadequacy that we feel deep within. So a life starts where we feel we need to do work with regard to 'mothering', 'nurturing', 'emotions'. This need comes from within. The rootcause of it was our own inner disapproval at the end of the previous life, but we will often think and experience the disapproval to have come from the outer environment, the home situation, as if we wanted to punish ourselves rather than forgive.

Each time we get rejected, it hurts. It hurts much deeper than the situation objectively calls for usually , it hurts much deeper than what the other person is actually saying, and the fact that it hurts so deeply and sometimes even unconsciously so, is because something within ourselves is touched, and that something within is our own disapproval of ourselves within. With Saturn, we will NEVER find acceptance from anybody outside of ourselves, simply, because there is a part in us that does not believe it whatever the other person says.

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The Moon is a very needy part within ourselves, and may find itself unnourished continuously, all the time, and may feel itself guilty. In both cases, it doesn't matter, the need for approval will not be fulfilled. For the simple reason that this is not Saturn's function in the birthchart. Yet, ultimately this may be even more difficult. It is extremely difficult to 1 say to ourselves that maybe we did something wrong indeed, since the ego within us does not believe this in the first place it is not the function of the ego , and 2 to approve of ourselves really, deep within, because it means we have to face this ego, and transcend it somehow or other..

Especially when we believe we are only our personalities, especially in cases, where our power comes from our positions in the outer world, especially in cases where we do not know that we are a Soul that HAS a worldy personality, where we think ourselves to be only that personality - it is very difficult to accept ourselves, to approve of ourselves, to understand that maybe, on the level of ego, we are just insecure and needy creatures.

But: so what??? Who wants to be approved of qualities that are only temporary survival habits anyway? Who doesn't want to be valued for whom we really are? To not digress any further, Saturn represents the function in our birthchart where we need to find inner approval, i.

I once did a workshop with 10 participants who all had a Moon-Saturn aspect in their charts, and frankly, I was pretty shocked by the fact that the Moon-Saturn person may go on endlessly all throughout life, with all kinds of patterns that stem from this basic need of approval. One of the women in the group was born with the Moon in the 6th house in Pisces, opposite Saturn in the 12th.